Portfolio of WoodFormers toys

On this page you can find our portfolio which we have now.

96 products of us

  • (9 mini sets + 3 big sets) x 4 colors x 2 types 
  • all this is fully compatibile between themselves
  • every a piece has a mark and the big ones has brand too
  • every set has one mark, type and color of snap fasteners 
  • we can make sets by your request

MiniSet box

toys from Karlstejn

Big sets

Klik-klap logo

WoodFormers logo

9 mini sets

  • from one to two hundreds joins in approx ten pieces of wooden block in set
  • all these nine mini sets do our "Combo Box"

Mrs. Robot









3 big sets

  • these sets can thousands joins

Basic set I

3,226 joins
- 40 pcs with 60 snap fasteners pairs

Basic set II

6,048 joins
- 56 pcs with 81 snap fasteners pairs

Combo Box

13,256 joins
- 83 pcs with 120 snap fasteners pairs

4 snap fasteners colors

  • we skrew snap fasteners in four beautiful colors

  • all this colors are fully compatibile between themselves - only esthetic matter

  • these ones are in both types


an attractive arctic cold look
- light blue-zinc surface


a strong military look for every situation
- dark yellow-green surface from brass with patina


an hot Incan red gold look by old times
- light copper surface


an adventure African look from savannas
- dark red-brown surface from copper with patina

2 snap fasteners types

  • we make our toys with two types of snap fasteners

  • both types are fully compatibile between themselves

  • you can combine their features


  • type has lighter a join than ‚construct‘
  • type is good for rotation e.q. wheels, poles, ...
  • type is handy for younger builders


  • type has stronger a join than ‚roto‘
  • type is better to build into high e.q. columns, ...
  • type is for older and skilful designers